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Lotour tires, provided by Qingdao Foremaster Rubber Co., LTD, have gained recognition as a top-tier brand in the industry. With a dedicated team of over 600 staff members, including 20 engineers, Foremaster Rubber is at the forefront of manufacturing motorcycle tires, scooter tires, off-road tires, tricycle tires, ATV tires, UTV tires, tubes, and various rubber wheels. Thanks to our commitment to quality and innovation, Lotour tires have successfully made their mark in the global market. We take pride in the fact that our tires have been exported to over 80 countries, establishing a strong presence and earning the trust of customers worldwide. At Foremaster Rubber, we strive to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and reliability in every tire we produce. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, stringent quality control measures, and continuous research and development efforts ensure that Lotour tires meet the highest standards of excellence. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, or individual consumer, we invite you to experience the superior quality and performance of Lotour tires. Contact us today to explore our wide range of tire options and discover why customers in 80 countries choose Lotour as their preferred tire brand.

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Download Catalogue


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