Lotour LD836

Lotour LD836 is a premium regional and on & off road winter service drive 225/70R19.5 tire for year round traction, optimized for winter conditions and limited all-position service in regional and on/off road applications. LD836 meets 3PMSF requirements, provides M + S (Mud and Snow) traction while still delivering long miles.

Application: Bus, Box Truck
Category: Winter Weather Conditions
Usage: Regional, On/Off Road
Wheel Position:Drive


Features and Benifits


  • Open shoulder tread design with aggressive blading
Helps deliver traction in dry, wet, muddy and snowy conditions.
  • Premium enhanced casing
Helps provide toughness and durability for maximum retreadability.
  • Innovative tread compound
Helps deliver wear resistance and fuel efficiency.
  • Wide aggressive tread design
Helps to endure curbing and scrubbing.
  • 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) Certification Symbol
Delivering enhanced traction and acceleration in all weather conditions
  • 3D matrix sipes
Accepts winter studs for use in extreme winter conditions





Tire Size: 225/70R19.5
Ply Rating: 16PR
Load Range: L
Load Index: 130/128
Tread Depth(MM): 16
Tread Width(MM):  186
Tire Weight (KG):  32.2
Single Max Load (KG): 1900
Dual Max Load (KG): 1800
Single Inflation(KPA): 830


Size PR Pattern Standard Load Speed Rating Section width(mm) Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity TREAD Width(mm)
Rim index Single Dual
225/70R19.5 16 LD836 130/128 L 16 1900 1800 186


Why this Tire?


Outstanding traction in most weather conditions from over 700 3D matrix sipes  3D
Stone ejectors in deep wide zigzag grooves plus outstanding mud and snow evacuation with variable pitch walls and groove bottom protectors.
Innovative tread compound designed to deliver maximum traction in snow conditions.
Long casing life and exceptional retreadability from premium enhanced casing – robust 3 full width steel belt design.
⑤Traction in mud and deep snow with open shoulder grooves and aggressive zigzag center grooves.
Reduced downtime from sidewall injuries with extra thick sidewalls incorporating special scallops and curb guard features.

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