Lotour CA606 & CA606+

Lotour CA606 is a fuel-efficient, all-position radial smartway truck tire designed for long life steer axle service in long haul applications. This outstanding all-position use tire was designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of regional and pickup and delivery applications.


Lotour CA606+  is a steer/all-position smartway verified tire designed to take on the toughest of regional and city routes to maximize your uptime and help keep your delivery commitments.


Application:Trailer, Coach Bus, Regional Truck, Long-Haul Truck
Heavy Truck, Tractor
Category: Farm & Logging, Heavy Trucks, Construction, Specialty Vehicles
Usage: On/Off Road,  Severe Service, Specialized Transport
Wheel Position:Drive


Features and Benifits


  • Transverse steel sheet

Transverse steel sheet provides good gripping force and sideslip resistance.


  •  Super wide shoulder

Super wide shoulder helps reduce wear speed. The high wear-resistant tread formula can fully extend the driving mileage.


  • The optimized design of pattern

The optimized design of the pattern balances the traction and stability of tires, providing excellent grip on both dry and wet roads.


  • Reinforced steel belt carcass

Reinforced steel belt carcass and enhanced sidewall improve load-carrying capacity and longevity.


  • Wide driving surface and shoulder

Optimized design of wide driving surface and shoulder improves tire grounding pressure and prolongs the service life.


  • Variable pattern arrangement and full steel sheet design

Variable pattern arrangement and full steel sheet design can effectively reduce tire rolling noise.




Tire Size:11R22.5                                                         Tire Size:11R24.5
Ply Rating: 16PR                                                           Ply Rating: 16PR
Load Range: M                                                                Load Range: M
Load Index: 146/143                                                    Load Index: 149/146
Tread Depth(MM): 15                                                 Tread Depth(MM): 24.5
Tread Width(MM):  216                                                 Tread Width(MM):  216
Tire Weight (KG): 52.50                                                 Tire Weight (KG):55.50
Overall Width (MM): 269                                               Overall Width (MM): 279
Overall Diameter (MM): 1064                                       Overall Diameter (MM):1104
Single Max Load (KG): 3250                                         Single Max Load (KG): 3250
Dual Max Load (KG): 3000                                           Dual Max Load (KG): 3000
Single Inflation(KPA): 930                                            Single Inflation(KPA): 830


Tire Size:255/70R22.5                                                 Tire Size:285/75R24.5
Ply Rating: 16PR                                                           Ply Rating: 16PR
Load Range: M                                                               Load Range:M
Load Index: 140/137                                                    Load Index: 147/144
Tread Depth(MM): 13                                                 Tread Depth(MM): 15
Tread Width(MM):  196                                                 Tread Width(MM):  220
Tire Weight (KG): 40.5                                                 Tire Weight (KG):55.7
Overall Width (MM): 245                                               Overall Width (MM): 275
Overall Diameter (MM): 926                                       Overall Diameter (MM):1043
Single Max Load (KG): 2500                                        Single Max Load (KG): 3075
Dual Max Load (KG): 2300                                           Dual Max Load (KG): 2300
Single Inflation(KPA): 980                                            Single Inflation(KPA):


Tire Size: 295/75R22.5
Ply Rating: 16PR
Load Range: M
Load Index: 146/143
Tread Depth(MM): 15.0
Tread Width(MM):  220
Tire Weight (KG): 52.0
Overall Width (MM): 289
Overall Diameter (MM): 1010
Single Max Load (KG): 3000
Dual Max Load (KG):  2725
Single Inflation(KPA):  ?



Size PR Pattern Load Speed Rating Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity TREAD Width(mm)
index Single Dual
11R22.5 16 Lotour CA606 & CA606+ 146/143 M 15.0 3250 3000 216
11R24.5 16 Lotour CA606 & CA606+ 149/146 M 24.5 3250 3000 216
255/70R22.5 16 Lotour CA606 & CA606+ 140/137 M 13.0 2500 2300 196
 295/75R22.5 16 Lotour CA606 & CA606+ 146/143 M 15.0 3000 2725 220
285/75R24.5 16 Lotour CA606 & CA606+ 147/144 M 15.0 3075 2300 220


Why this Tire? 


Special Compound with low heat generation
Provides higher tire mileage and improved fuel economy
Zig-zag, flow-thru groove design
Long Tread Life – Helps combat the outstanding water evacuation and grip in highway service.
Exceptional Traction
Four wide open grooves allow efficient water evacuation and micro sipes provide biting edges.
High-strength bead
High-strength bead is combined with the high-strength steel wire material design
Provide excellent support and stability.
Full-Width Elastic Protector Ply
Casing Durability – Helps protect the working plies from bruising and penetrations, and downtime.
Excellent Retreadability
Curb guards and upper sidewall ribs help fight sidewall damage. Rectangular bead bundle stabilizes bead region and minimizes fatigue to extend casing life.


Whether you’re hauling cargo across the highways of North America or navigating the demanding terrain of Latin American markets, the CA606 will keep your fleet moving forward with confidence. This proven performer is a top seller in regions spanning Canada, Mexico, Chile, and beyond.


Experience the difference of Anthropic engineering with the CA606 &  CA606+ – the SmartWay verified tire that elevates both your bottom line and your peace of mind on the road.

Additional information

Tire size

11R22.5, 11R24.5, 285/75R24.5, 295/75R22.5


All Position, Steer