Lotour LD638 & LD638 PLUS

Lotour LD638 drive mining lug tire has been engineered to perform in demanding off-road conditions such as mining, construction and logging applications. LD638 Plus features an aggressive multi-lug tread design for exceptional off-road traction and an enhanced rubber compound to resist cuts and chunking. Open shoulder ribs deliver superior stability and resistance to uneven wear. The LD638’s deep 24.5/25mm tread depth provides long tread life and an exceptional cost per kilometer.

Application:Logging Truck,Ready Mix Truck, Refuse Truck,Dump Truck, Tank Truck
Category: Farm & Logging, Heavy Trucks, Construction, Specialty Vehicles
Usage: On/Off Road,  Severe Service, Specialized Transport
Wheel Position:Drive


Features and Benifits


  • Special tear/cut resistance compound
Special tear/cut resistance compound prolongs tire service life.


  • Ultra-deep open-shoulder
Ultra-deep open-shoulder provides superior traction and braking performance even in severe environments.


  • Crown reinforcing ribs
Crown reinforcing ribs protect the tire from being damaged by sharp hard objects.



Tire Size: 11R24.5                                                        Tire Size: 12R22.5
Ply Rating: 16PR                                                           Ply Rating: 18PR
Load Range:                                                                Load Range: J
Load Index: 149/146                                                    Load Index: 152/149
Tread Depth(MM): 24.5                                                 Tread Depth(MM): 25.0
Tread Width(MM):  224                                                Tread Width(MM):  230
Tire Weight (KG): 58.00                                                 Tire Weight (KG):65.05
Overall Width (MM): 279                                               Overall Width (MM): 296
Overall Diameter (MM): 1104                                       Overall Diameter (MM): 1096
Single Max Load (KG): 3250                                         Single Max Load (KG): 3550
Dual Max Load (KG): 3000                                           Dual Max Load (KG): 3250
Single Inflation(KPA): 830                                            Single Inflation(KPA): 930


Tire Size:11R22.5                                                 
Ply Rating: 18PR                                                           
Load Range: L                                                             
Load Index: 149/146                                                    
Tread Depth(MM): 23.0                                                 
Tread Width(MM):  220                                                 
Tire Weight (KG): 53.00                                                 
Overall Width (MM): 279                                               
Overall Diameter (MM): 1064                                       
Single Max Load (KG): 3250                                         
Dual Max Load (KG): 3000                                           
Single Inflation(KPA): 930                                            



Size PR Pattern Load Speed Rating Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity TREAD Width(mm)
index Single Dual
11R22.5 18 Lotour LD638 & LD638 PLUS 149/146 L 23.0 3250 3000 220
11R24.5 16 Lotour LD638 & LD638 PLUS 149/146 G 24.5 3250 3000 224
12R22.5 18  Lotour LD638 & LD638 PLUS 152/149 J 25.0 3550 3250 230


Why this Tire?


  • Designed for poor on and off road mining and mixed roads with excellent grip and high durability.
  • High-strength anti-stone design is adopted in the grooves, which can have a good effect of bullet stone.
  • High-strength bead is combined with the high-strength steel wire material design to provide excellent support and stability.
  • Anti-tear formula is adopted to improve the cutting and tear resistance of the tire.
  • LD638 & LD638 PLUS is popular and hot selling in North America markets, Latin American markets ( Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador etc.), East Asia (Philippines mining special using).

Additional information

Tire size

11R22.5, 11R24.5, 12R22.5