Lotour LD668

Lotour LD668 is the best 17.5″ All-Position Tire for Pickup and Delivery Fleets Featuring Enhanced Toughness, Traction and Long Miles to Removal

Tire Size:215/75R17.5、235/75R17.5、425/65R22.5
Application:All Position


Features and Benifits


  • The unique pattern design

The pattern design of the tire features a unique and innovative arrangement that provides effective protection against cuts.


  • Excellent traction

The pattern design incorporates a combination of deep grooves, sipes, and specialized tread blocks that work together to maximize traction in various road conditions.


  • High scrub resistance

The pattern design features robust and durable tread blocks that resist excessive wear and deformation even under aggressive driving conditions.




Tire Size: 215/75R17.5                                                 Tire Size: 235/75R17.5
Ply Rating: 18PR                                                           Ply Rating: 18PR
Load Range: J                                                                Load Range: J
Load Index: 135/133                                                    Load Index: 143/141
Tread Depth(MM): 14.5                                                 Tread Depth(MM): 15.0
Tread Width(MM):  185                                                Tread Width(MM):  190
Tire Weight (KG): 30.00                                                 Tire Weight (KG):33.00
Overall Width (MM): 211                                               Overall Width (MM): 233
Overall Diameter (MM): 767                                       Overall Diameter (MM): 797
Single Max Load (KG): 2180                                         Single Max Load (KG): 2725
Dual Max Load (KG): 2060                                           Dual Max Load (KG): 2575
Single Inflation(KPA): 850                                            Single Inflation(KPA): 875


Tire Size:425/65R22.5                                                 
Ply Rating: 16PR                                                           
Load Range: K                                                             
Load Index: 164                                                    
Tread Depth(MM): 16.0                                                 
Tread Width(MM):  346                                                 
Tire Weight (KG): 83.00                                                 
Overall Width (MM): 420                                               
Overall Diameter (MM): 1124                                       
Single Max Load (KG): 5300                                         
Dual Max Load (KG): 5300                                           
Single Inflation(KPA): 875                                            



Size PR Pattern Load Speed Rating Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity TREAD Width(mm)
index Single Dual
215/75R17.5 18  LD668 135/133 J 14.5 2180 2060 185
235/75R17.5 18  LD668 143/141 J 15.0 2725 2575 190
425/65R22.5 16  LD668 164 K 16.0 5300 5300 190


Why this Tire?


  • The Best Selling Trailer Tires in North America and Canada
  • Special HEAT-LESS technology
  • Utilizes Heat Resistant compound extend Tire Life
  • Double Steel Radial Belts
  • Enhanced Strength improves Puncture Resistance, increased Vehicle Towing Stability
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Reduces Tread Wear, improves Fuel Economy

Additional information

Tire size

215/75R17.5, 235/75R17.5, 425/65R22.5


All Position