Lotour LD939

Lotour LD939 is a premium regional drive tire that excels in performance. The open shoulder siped block design in lugs ensures sufficient traction for all weather conditions, delivering exceptional handling and stability even in the most challenging winter driving scenarios.

Application: Delivery Truck, Logging Trucks, Ready Mix Truck, Dump Truck, Tanker,
Category: Farm & Logging, Heavy Trucks, Construction, Specialty Vehicles
Usage: On/Off Road,  Mixed Service
Wheel Position:Drive


Features and Benifits


  • Directional center drive patten
Directional center drive pattern is aggresgive to the ground,providing stong traction and brake force.
  • Stone-ejection design
Stono-ajoction design at groovo bottom provides tire self-cleaning ability and prolongs tire service life.
  • Tough tread compounds
Help resist excessive wear, chunking, cracking and chipping.
  • Open shoulder tread design with aggressive blading
Helps deliver traction in dry, wet, muddy and snowy conditions
  • Premium enhanced casing
Helps provide toughness and durability for maximum retreadability
  • Deep Tread Depth
Ensures sufficient traction for all weather conditions



Tire Size: 11R22.5                                                     Tire Size: 11R24.5
Ply Rating: 18PR                                                           Ply Rating: 16PR
Load Range: L                                                                Load Range: M
Load Index: 149/146                                                    Load Index: 149/146
Tread Depth(MM): 23                                                 Tread Depth(MM): 23
Tread Width(MM):  230                                               Tread Width(MM):  230
Tire Weight (KG): 56.6                                                 Tire Weight (KG): 62.8
Overall Width (MM): 279                                               Overall Width (MM): 279
Overall Diameter (MM): 1064                                       Overall Diameter (MM): 1114
Single Max Load (KG): 3250                                         Single Max Load (KG): 3250
Dual Max Load (KG): 3000                                           Dual Max Load (KG): 3000
Single Inflation(KPA): 930                                            Single Inflation(KPA): 830



Size PR Pattern Load Speed Rating Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity TREAD Width(mm)
index Single Dual
11R22.5 18  LD939 149/146 L 23 3250 3000 230
11R24.5 16  LD939 149/146 M 23 3250 3000 230


Why this Tire?


Traction You Can Count On
New grips excel, worn grips prevail – unequalled off-road traction proven against top competitors.
Designed to deliver exceptional traction across terrains (mud, soft soil, gravel)
Unique tear-drop sipes within the tire are engineered to gradually open as the tire wears, enhancing traction even further.
Additionally, the alternating bridging and full tread depth lateral groove tread patterns strike an optimal balance between stability and durability, with the bridging enhancing wear resistance, while the improved rubber-to-void ratio maximizes traction.
Built Tough for Heavy-duty Work
Chip/cut resistant compound
Shock, impact and road hazard protection 
– 4 steel belts in the summit for enhanced durability and puncture resistance
Extra sidewall & shoulder protection
Exceptional Tire Life
15% longer tire life compared to general tire

Additional information

Tire size

11R22.5, 11R24.5