Lotour SW516D

Lotour SW516D is a premium regional and highway winter drive tire designed for four season traction. This 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified tire is designed to handle the rigors of cold weather applications, and features an open lug tread design with lateral siping for increased traction on mud, snow and ice. The tread design promotes even wear, while deep 21/22mm lugs deliver long service life.


Application: Pickup &Delivery Truck, Logging Trucks, Ready Mix Truck, Dump Truck, Tanker, Regional Trucks, Refuse Truck
Category: Winter Weather Conditions
Usage: Regional, On/Off Road
Wheel Position:Drive
Usage: On/Off Road,  Severe Service, Specialized Transport
Wheel Position:Drive


Features and Benifits


  • Full-width patented 3D sipes
Full-width patented 3D sipes interlock to enhance block stability under torque while helping to provide extra bite, especially in deep snow.
  • Extensive sipes
Extensive sipes in tread pattern for exceptional mud, snow and ice traction.
  • Aggressive tread blocks
Aggressive tread blocks for outstanding snow and mud handling.
  • Tread pattern
Tread pattern promotes self-cleaning and resists stone drilling.
  • 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification
3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) certification for severe winter service.




Tire Size: 11R24.5                                                        Tire Size: 11R24.5
Ply Rating: 16PR                                                           Ply Rating: 16PR
Load Range:                                                                Load Range: M
Load Index: 146/143                                                    Load Index: 149/146
Tread Depth(MM): 21                                                 Tread Depth(MM): 21.0
Tread Width(MM):  230                                                Tread Width(MM):  230
Tire Weight (KG): 56.62                                                 Tire Weight (KG): 58.8
Overall Width (MM): 279                                               Overall Width (MM): 279
Overall Diameter (MM): 1060                                       Overall Diameter (MM): 1110
Single Max Load (KG): 3000                                         Single Max Load (KG): 3250
Dual Max Load (KG): 2725                                           Dual Max Load (KG): 3000
Single Inflation(KPA): 930                                            Single Inflation(KPA): 830




Size PR Pattern Load Speed Rating Tread Depth(mm) Load Capacity TREAD Width(mm)
index Single Dual
11R22.5 16 Lotour SW516D 146/143 L 21.0 3000 2725 230
11R24.5 16 Lotour SW516D 149/146 M 21.0 3250 3000 230


Why this Tire?


  • Outstanding snow and ice traction 
          Outstanding snow and ice traction with open shoulder designs from rugged directional tread design.
  • Excellent snow and mud evacuation and stone ejection 
          Excellent snow and mud evacuation and stone ejection with deep lateral shoulder grooves.
  • Special snow tread formula design
          Designed to deliver maximum traction in snow conditions.
  • Outstanding handling and stability & four belt crown construction 
          Outstanding handling and stability through rugged four belt crown construction featuring extra wide working plies.
  • Strong Carcass and bead 
          Strong Carcass and bead – rectangular bead bundle stabilizes the entire bead region and minimizes fatigue in order to extend casing life.
  • Extra Thick Sidewall and Shoulder
          Long Tread Life – Delivers extra protection against shocks and impacts.

Additional information

Tire size

11R22.5, 11R24.5