The LG02 tire is turf-friendly.

1.Tearing up your grass sucks; having a LG02 tire that doesn’t is a lifesaver.
2.The LG02 is turf-friendly, and will keep you from sliding around the grass.

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Special lawn tread provides superior traction control
Large contract area prevents soil compacting and/or rulting
Great for smaller machines and maintenance equipment

Size Ply Pattern Rim Wideth   inch Mounted Diarneter Mounted Width Max Load Capacity @50MPH-(Lbs) PSI
18×8.50-8 4PR LG02 7.00 17.7 8.0 815 22
18×9.50-8 4PR LG02 7.00 17.7 8. 1040 24
20×10.00-8 4PR LG02 7.00 19.5 9.1 1190 22


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