LOTOUR brand classic motorcycle tire with factory price.

1.classic motorcycle tire
2.dual sports tire
3.6ply rating motorcycle tires

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Designed for use with classically styled motorcycles. Tough 6 ply rating provides excellent puncture resistance and handles extra carrying capacity. Mixed block deeper patterns, extra deep tread depth, strong traction structure, high speed, high load capability, good anti-wear and anti-puncture attributes.Also LOTOUR motorcycle tires has high weight to support it’s tire body, make it with good load capacity and strong performance.

Size Type Weight/kgs Qty/40HQ
2.75-14 TT 2.2 10000 pcs
80/100-14 TT 2.5 12800pcs
2.25-16 TT 2 10000pcs
3.00-16 TT 2.7 9000pcs
3.50-16 TT 3.5 6000pcs
2.50-17 TT 2.1 9500pcs
2.75-17 TT 2.6 9000pcs
3.00-17 TT 2.8 6200pcs
2.50-18 TT 2.25 9000pcs
2.75-18 TT 2.8 6200pcs
3.00-18 TT 3.2 8000pcs
300-16 TL 3.1 3000pcs
2.75-17 TL 3 4000pcs
3.00-17 TL 3.2 3800pcs
2.75-18 TL 3 3800pcs
3.00-18 TL 3.5 3600pcs


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