Main front pattern of motorcycle tires for Africa Market

1.this front pattern for Africa with high speed rib pattern, pitch pattern designed
2.low noise, low rolling resistance, good abrasion resistance and sideslip resistance
3.Suitable for riding on highway roads

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M1019 and M1003 are both very hotsale and main front pattern of motorcycle tyre for some of Africa district, bamboo shape of pattern have really good performance as front tire run in some district of Africa, like Nigeria.

Size Type Weight/kgs Qty/40HQ
2.25-14 TT 1.4 15000 pcs
3.25-16 TT 2.9 8700 pcs
2.25-17 TT 1.6 14000 pcs
2.50-17 TT 1.8  10000 pcs
2.75-17 TT 2.3 9000 pcs
3.00-17 TT 2.6 8000 pcs
2.75-17 TL 2.7 9000 pcs
3.00-18 TL 3.3 3600 pcs


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