All the traction of the ATLAS in a lighter-weight package.

1.Radial construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails
2.Tire suitable for hard-pack, intermediate, soft terrain & sand applications
3.Durable 6-ply rating construction

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Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall.Radial construction provides better shock absorption, allowing for a smoother ride. The non-directional pattern provides predictable cornering and claws over roots and rocks for optimum climbing confidence.

Size Ply Pattern Rim Wideth   inch Mounted Diarneter Mounted Width Max Load Capacity @50MPH-(Lbs) PSI
AT26×8-14 6PR ATLAS 6.50 26.0 8.0 355 7
AT26×10-14 6PR ATLAS 8.00 26.0 10.0 430 7
AT26×9-14 6PR ATLAS 7.00 26.0 9.0 395 7
AT26×11-14 6PR ATLAS 9.00 26.0 11.0 465 7
AT27×9-14 6PR ATLAS 7.00 27.0 9.0 410 7
AT27×11-14 6PR ATLAS 9.00 27.0 11.0 480 7


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