The KNIGHT is a legend in the ATV and UTV community

1.Radial construction offers a significantly smoother ride over rough trails
2.Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the tire’s sidewall and rim
3.Raised white lettering on one side
4.Tire is suitable for desert, dirt and rock applications

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KNIGHT is all-terrain, utility tire for the rider who need size, strength and an aggressive tread design. The KNIGHT is available in seven sizes that will fit on a wide variety of utility vehicles. The 6-ply rated construction offers extra strength and durability in the toughest conditions and the deep, heavy tread design provides excellent traction in many different types of terrain.

KNIGHT offers serious puncture resistance and its tread lugs run deep into the sidewall for added protection.

Size Ply Pattern Rim Wideth   inch Mounted Diarneter Mounted Width Max Load Capacity @50MPH-(Lbs) PSI
AT25×8-12 6PR KNIGHT 6.50 25.0 8.0 340 7
AT25×10-12 6PR KNIGHT 8.00 25.0 9.6 420 7
AT26×9-12 6PR KNIGHT 7.00 26.0 9.0 410 7
AT26×11-12 6PR KNIGHT 9.00 25.8 10.0 480 7
AT26×12-12 6PR KNIGHT 9.50 26.0 10.0 520 7
AT26×9-12 6PR KNIGHT 7.00 27.0 9.0 440 7
AT27×11-12 6PR KNIGHT 7.00 26.9 10.7 495 7
AT27×12-12 6PR KNIGHT 9.50 27.0 10.0 550 7
AT26×11-14 6PR KNIGHT 9.00 26.0 9.7 465 7


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