TETHYS is an excellent choice for the rider who is looking for a tough ATV tire. Built with a 6-ply rated carcass, the TEHYS offers extra durability, weight capacity and puncture resistance. The TETHYS provides excellent traction and performance in wet,muddy conditions and crosses over very well into mixed or even hard terrain. For a tough tire that feels at home in wet or dry conditions the Qihang TETHYS is a top choice.

Size Ply Pattern Rim Wideth   inch Mounted Diarneter Mounted Width Max Load Capacity @50MPH-(Lbs) PSI
AT22×10-9 6PR TETHYS 8.00 21.9 10.0 365 7
AT22×7-11 6PR TETHYS 5.50 21.9 7.1 245 7
AT25×8-12 6PR TETHYS 6.50 24.8 8.1 340 7
AT25×10-12 6PR TETHYS 8.00 24.9 9.8 420 7

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